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Using the iPad to document our excursion

For a list of useful apps for learning Indonesian, follow this link

One of the key strategies towards achieving our Hub goal of improving the pathway for learning Indonesian across primary and secondary schooling is the integration of ICTs into learning and teaching. One of the major challenges identified at the primary school level was access to ICT resources. Primary language teachers often move from room to room with limited time for set-up, and limited access to classroom computer resources. We determined that using iPads would help our students gain access to very valuable viewing, reading, and responding resources (in particular). The long battery life, video cameras, portability, and viewable screen area are key features of these “magic and revolutionary” devices that enable group work and essential access to authentic multimedia texts and text-types.

Each primary school teacher in our Hub has a ‘kit’ of 5 iPads with headphone splitters that enable up to 6 students to listen to the same iPad at once using headsets. We intended to begin using the iPads as “viewing posts” (as we were all familiar with “listening post” activities) but quickly branched out into many more applications. Each teacher uses the iPads in a different way, and we share our learning in fornightly meetings. We’ll be writing more about our use of iPads in following weeks, but for now here are some recent blog posts:

Top Indonesian-Specific iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Indonesian musical instruments for the iPad

Writeups from our Idependence Day Excursion –

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