Assignment Tips

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Writing in Indonesian

  • Start off by brainstorming all of the words and phrases you know, in addition to words from Language Perfect (, that will be useful in this task. This exercise will switch your brain into Indonesian mode!
  • Adapt recipes (in Indonesian) rather than starting from nothing or (even worse) a recipe in English. Find a recipe similar to your own in one of the Indonesian recipe books (or online at and use it as a model for your signature dish. Change some of the words and phrases to make it your own.
  • Adapt phrases from the worksheets, recipe cards, and tasks we’ve done in class. Use your cheat sheets!

  • Plan, plan, plan! Taking your photos is a very important stage! You’ll be surprised how much you can write just by labeling and annotating your photos.
  • Ask a friend to proof-read your work before you publish it to the site.


Publishing on this blog

  • Often forget your login and password? Save the informaiton in your diary, mobile phone, or iPod!
  • Make sure that there are no identifying details of people in any of your photos or video. If there are, either edit your photo/video or don’t use it. We respect other people’s privacy and safeguard our own.
  • If you drafted your recipe in MS Word and want to cut’n’paste it in, use the ‘paste from Word’ button or the formatting will do crazy things.

  • Use two windows – one with the ‘back end’ (dashboard, where you write your recipe) and one with the ‘front end’ where you can preview what your recipe looks like when you make changes.
  • Upload your videos to a video sharing site like Vimeo ( or Flickr ( (under 90 seconds) to make embedding super easy!
  • Write your biography in Indonesian for your profile. Your profile will appear at the bottom of all of your posts.
  • Leave comments on other peoples’ recipes! Remember to follow the ‘two stars and a wish’ format.
  • If you get stuck, ask a friend or Google it! Use the keyword ‘wordpress’ (that’s the software we’re using) to search for help.

  • Tag your recipe with keywords that describe it, in both Indonesian and English.
  • Is your recipe both breakfast and lunch? Put it in both categories! And hey, why not breakfast as well, if it suits?


Share your own tips in the comments below! What have you found helpful in writing your recipe?

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