Peduli Lingkungan Kita: Pilihan, itu power!

As part of our Wildways Project, Year 7 students researched the impact that demand for palm oil has on lingkungan asli orang utan di Indonesia. They discovered that many products that we buy in our local area contain palm oil and it is often not clear as to whether it comes from sustainable/ethical sources or not. The Year 7s emailed many companies to find out their policies and practices so that they could make recommendations to friends, family, and our Como Community more broadly.

See the reply we received from MARS Chocolate Australia

See the reply we received from MARS Chocolate Australia


We plan to use the banner artwork on the cover of a shopping list notebook and on the flip-side include information about what ingredients to look for, and what to avoid, when shopping in the supermarket.

Researching palm oil in the Art Room

Finding out about the impact of palm oil

Links and references recommended by the Year 7s:

CHOICE Magazine

CHOICE Magazine presents a well-rounded review of palm oil labeling.

CHOICE is calling for mandatory labelling of palm oil. This would help consumers make informed decisions, give companies an incentive to source sustainable palm oil, and encourage companies already using sustainable palm oil to promote this.


A very impressive website! We like that they promote contacting companies to ask for more information rather than boycotting all together. It really is surprising what is in our supermarket trolleys!

Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

An initiative that encourages members (large food manufacturers) to buy palm oil from sustainable sources.

Which Everyday Products Contain Palm Oil?

Produced by the WWF, this website gives a general overview of everyday products that contain palm oil.

The good news is that it can be produced in an environmentally responsible manner so you don’t have to give up these products.

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