Wildways Project: Introduction

Como Secondary College was chosen to be part of the Wildways Conservation Art and Asia Literacy Project (http://perthzoo.wa.gov.au/learn/schools-programs/wild-ways/), supported by the Department of Education and The Perth Zoo. Wildways explores the biodiversity of Southeast Asia, providing an opportunity for students to explore, connect and act on envisioning a better future for all.

A small group of dedicated Year 7 and Year 10 students were involved in researching, designing, and creating a banner to promote sustainability principles. Through their initial research, and because of an excursion with SAIMS students to The Perth Zoo earlier in the year, the students used this opportunity to promote awareness about the plight of the orang utans and the impact of palm oil on the environment, specifically in Indonesia.

The student team produced these web pages to provide extra information regarding our contribution to Wildways and also to support community action.

Banner Art Interpretation

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Reaching Out: Meraih Masa Depan

We designed this banner to raise awareness of the impact of deforestation on the habitat for orang utan in Indonesia. Year 7 and Year 10 students worked together to research and represent the consequences of the demand for palm oil products. We discovered that many everyday products for sale in our local shops still contain palm oil and it is often not clear whether its use is sustainable (and ethically-produced) or not. Just by asking questions and making informed shopping choices, we can make a big difference to masa depan orang utan.

Hope is not lost. The flowers emerging from the scorched earth on our banner incorporate QR codes to point to action that we can take and how we can bekerja sama with industry, community, and family to meraih masa depan. The orang utan featured are residents of Perth Zoo and their portraits were developed from photos taken during an excursion to visit them. Their eyes express the need for positive human interaction and the human hand reaches out to theirs in support. We admire the work that the Perth Zoo is doing to conserve the orang utan and our banner represents the action we can all take, together.

Explore our research:



Banner Making Gallery

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